City Motivators for City Takers: SIX


 Here is the fifth of a series that I hope will be an encouragement to those who have a 'city focus'. 

City Motivators for City Takers: SIX

Some helpful pointers


1. Know and love your city, town. We are called to a locality. Jesus wept for Jerusalem. Regarding Nineveh God said to Jonah, ‘should I not have compassion for this city and its animals.’


2. Know and love the whole Body of Christ in your city/town. A healed-united body of Christ will bring healing to your city.


3. Get to know, befriend, love, honour other leaders in your locality. The kingdom is built on relationships. Love determines the degree we experience God’s manifest presence amongst us.


4. Pray, worship, draw near to God together – expect God to do great things.


5. Discuss and plan ways in which you might better glorify God together in the city and further afield.


6. Discern areas of most need and how you might meet that need. Isaiah 58.


7. Honour civic leaders. They are the other combination lock to the treasure in your city or town.


8. Determine how you can better cast vision for your city or town. Research and gather resources.


9. Draw from ministries outside your city. Ministries who can help you go forward on your city journey.


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