City Motivators for City Takers: TEN


 Here is the tenth of a series that I hope will be an encouragement to those who have a 'city focus'.. 

City Motivators for City Takers: TEN


A Circle of Friends - in a City

 A great time together here in Whanganui! Thank you Avish and Monica Petras, pastors of Riverside Church for the initiative. We enjoyed the fellowship and the Indian food! Colin


A word from Pastor Avish.

“I came across these verses in Mark 6:31 and Luke 22:8, where we read that Jesus and His disciples had their own fellowship time away from the crowd, ministry and expectations of the people. Jesus knew this time was not only needed for the disciples but also for Him to shower His love and concern over them and their lives. The disciples could laugh, talk, eat and create some friendly relations with each other, which later on we know became their strength of ‘being united’ in the times of persecution. The development of a ‘friend circle’ was initiated by Jesus Himself for these disciples. 

Fun Food and Fellowship 601 

I wonder if the ministers of every town deserve a ‘friend circle’ with other ministers where they can have fun, food and friendship. I believe that brings freshness in one’s approach, strength, being supported and appreciated and unity. A time to be themselves away from the expectations, and responsibilities in an environment of edification and encouragement. 


My fellow-workers, the Pastors and the Leaders of Whanganui took out time to be with each other to celebrate the goodness of the Lord and honour the privilege of being known by the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. A time to rejoice with the Lord… A big thankyou to all the girls who did the arrangements.”

Avish Petras on microphone 

Pastor Avish Petras.



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