In recent weeks I have been blessed to hear leaders from different nations share wonderful firsthand accounts of churches working together to help bring positive change in their cities and towns.

There was a common thread in what they were saying.

That is, churches realising that going it alone brings little impact but by joining together they can be much more effective.

Formerly the focus was ‘my patch’ with little connection to the larger community - if you like, little cogs in small wheels with little impact. Now it is cogs in a bigger wheel beginning to impact cities and towns.

Realignment to Assignment 800x400

Salford UK .. .now!

My sense is that this is happening increasingly, in a quiet, almost hidden way, in many places. This is something that God is doing…. Simply put, in answer to the prayers of many, the Holy Spirit is restructuring the church to meet the pain of the city… a realignment to fulfil God’s assignment.

One of the leaders we heard from was Dave King.

Here is his 3 min. overview of what has happened in his city, Salford, which is part of Greater Manchester U.K.


God bless. Colin