Most of us have favourite verses or passages of scripture that are beacons of light that keep us focused in our journey through life.

(Psalm 132) is one such passage for me. It reveals David’s passionate desire to have the Ark, where God’s manifest Presence dwelt, brought into Jerusalem. He said “I will allow no sleep to my eyes … 'til I find a place for the Lord, a dwelling for the Mighty One of Jacob”.

David on Harp 

David, first a shepherd boy who loved the Presence, who loved to worship God with a harp – the one who brought Presence and peace with his harp to a troubled King Saul – the young giant slayer who refused to be mesmerised by the taunts of Goliath – the one who was then hounded in the wilderness for several years by a jealous King Saul – the one who then rose to be King, first of two tribes then of all Israel. The one who then gathered all of a previously fragmented Israel, in order that the Ark of Presence might be retrieved and carefully placed in a tent on a hill in Jerusalem. All with joyful, Presence filled music, worship, singing and dancing that continued non-stop for at least 33 years. It was here, in the Presence, that David and others received much of the revelation and prophetic insight faithfully recorded in the book of Psalms. Shalom had come to Israel and the nations round about.


King David, despite his failures, became Israel’s hero. He gets a mention 54 times in the New Testament. Again and again Jesus is referred to as the Son of David. ‘Hosanna to the Son of David’ was sung as Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey, no doubt in remembrance of King David’s joyful entry about1000 years before.


But why so much joy for David? Why so much joy for the soon to be disillusioned crowd that was welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem? David said “Arise, Lord, and come to Your resting place, You and the ark of Your might”. Amazing as it seems God loves to draw near to us, to dwell in our midst – David’s joy was Heaven’s joy. According to Luke 15:10 there is much joy in heaven when one individual believes and makes room for Jesus as Lord. God has found another resting place! Just as there is joy in Heaven over every individual who welcomes Jesus into their life, so there was great joy in Heaven when God came to His resting place in Jerusalem in David’s time.


Will there be a resting place for the Presence in cities and towns today? Jesus death and resurrection has made a way for His manifest Presence to bring deliverance and healing to cities and nations globally, (Rev. 22:2) city by city. Just as it did in David’s city!

God bless. Colin