Hi Again.

This week digging through past notes and quotes

I came across material from two well known authors and conference speakers, Frank Damazio and Francis Frangipane.

First: Damazio – “why is evangelism so difficult in our twenty-first century church? Because we are not in the city and the city is not in us. We have removed the candlestick from the city, removed the light, the oil, the ministry of Christ in and to the city. Our first calling is not to the one congregation we preach to, but to the whole city God has placed us in. He sent you to prepare a way for His presence and power to be released in your city.” … ‘Crossing Rivers & Taking Cities’.

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Second: Frangipane – “we as Christ’s church are in ruins. Yet not only have we failed to mourn our situation, we have not even grasped that we are in ruins… building the house of God, the born-again, praying, loving, city-wide church, is still Christ’s highest priority.” … ‘The House of the Lord’

If these quotes ring true, why is it that ‘we are not in the city and the city is not in us’ and why is it that we are slow to prioritise the ‘city-wide church’? Having a biblical understanding of cities is a good starting point.

To quote Damazio again:

•   “Each city has it’s own unique personality and city destiny (see Rev. 1-3)
•   Each city has it’s own cry that ascends to Heaven – God hears that cry (see Gen. 18:21; Isa. 14:3)
•   God measures, limits and judges the integrity of each city (see Matt. 11:20-24; 23:35-38)
•   God uses various means to speak to each city (see Prov. 1:20-21; 8:1-7; Micah 6:9)
•   God prepares, anoints and sends specific ministries to specific cities (see Jonah 1:2; Luke 9:1-56)
•   God has a master key for each individual city (see John 4; Acts 14:27; 2 Cor. 2:12)
•   God sets the church to stand in the gap and intercede for the city (see Gen. 18,19; Ezek. 9:1-7; 22:30,37)
•   God deals with the church about how it relates to the city (see Rev. 1-3)
•   God holds the elders (could we say church leaders) of the city responsible for its spiritual state (see Deut. 19:11-12; 21:1-9; Ezek. 3:17-21; 33:1-9)
•   God weeps over the city’s spiritual destiny (see Luke 19:41)”.

God bless. Colin