Howie and Vicki Edwards, formerly pastoring a church in Moerewa, now give leadership to an exciting gathering together of leaders across Northland. Thank you Howie for this encouraging report. Colin

Together We Can
Recently a Pastor of a Northland Church commented that “We pray for revival but Jesus prayed for unity.”
This reflects the growing, nation-wide stirring for pastors and ministry leaders to begin to think outside their own churches and ministries and begin to honour, pray with and believe together for transformation of our regions.

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Back in the mid-80’s Ken and Dorothy Bassett began to gather leaders several times a year with this objective in mind. Initially, we met in Pastor Ned & Amber Jack’s home in Pakaraka till around 1998. After this we met in our home. In 2012, with over 60 leaders gathering, we had to move to a larger venue in Moerewa. Currently in Northland we are hosting leader’s gatherings four times a year. Our recent 5th of November gathering had 85 leaders in attendance.

These gatherings are wonderful times of worship, prayer, connection and some update testimonies from around the region with a keynote message given.
Increasingly we are having our own Northland leaders share with evident blessing.

After many years of prayer and encouraging leaders to pursue the Kingdom of God, we are seeing a growing unity over our whole region and Kingdom family emerge. While continuing to gather as diverse and different congregations, leaders are increasingly saying “we” and “our,” instead of “me” “my” and “mine.”Also, in the last 5 to 7 years we have seen a rapid increase in the number of Maori leaders in Northland, better reflecting the large Maori population here and a growing partnership in the harvest. This is a fulfilment of a prophecy given to Northland some 10 years ago by Jonathan Leaver from Auckland. An exciting new chapter of outreach, co-operation and increase is imminent.

Moerewa gathering

Our recent gathering had a clear message of ‘Harvest now! Prepare the nursery the babies are coming!’ We have a number of new church plants, some in quite remote areas of the North in obvious preparation by the Holy Spirit for increase. A growing number of towns now have weekly/monthly combined leader’s prayer meetings. Vicki and I continue to devote our time to encouraging and connecting leaders in Northland, believing that one of the greatest keys to Kingdom advance is the unity of leaders.
Howie Edwards

Howie and Vicki Edwards

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Honouring Ken and Dorothy Bassett in Moerewa

Ken and Dorothy Bassett Moerewa

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“The Te Punawai Centre Moerewa”