Christianity on the Coast

Christianity on the Coast

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This E-Book was produced to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into New Zealand.

First preached by Samuel Marsden in 1814 in the Bay of Islands and the subsequent development of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Tairāwhiti / Gisborne District by Rev Bishop William Williams and Rev William Yate.

Hugh Jennings former Headmaster Ngata Memorial College RUATORIA  Hugh Jennings former Headmaster Ngata Memorial College, RUATORIA NZ

Christianity on the Coast was originally written by Hugh M Jennings for The East Coast Christian Council in 1990 for the celebrations held at Manutūkē.

The celebrations held at the Manutūkē Marae, on 21st January 1990 at Manutūkē, commemorated the 150th Anniversary of the establishment of the first Mission Station in the Eastland region, and of the first Church Service there, conducted by the Rev. William Williams.

First published by The Gisborne Herald Printing Co.

This E-Book, 30th November 2014 now re-produced by RJ & CE Sheldrake of with permission and thanks to Christine Hannigan, daughter of Hugh & Jean Jennings.

We would like to thank 'Colin & Grace Shaw' of the 'CitybyCity' Network - for their encouragement to take up the challenge and create this e-book - so that the history could be freely available to whosoever in years to come. 

Special thanks also to:

Revd. Don Tāmihere  (now Archbishop Aotearoa-NZ )

Mary Jenkins & Georgette Jenson for editorial proof reading
of this E-Book

Also for help in many ways
* Christine Hannigan
* Angela Williams
* Marcus Williams
* Glyn Carpenter
* Alex Céspedes
* Barbara Collett
* Revd. Stephen Donald
* Mrs Colleen Hawkins
* Esther & Neil Henderson
* Taupunga Nepe
* Stewart Patrick
* Revd. Stephen Prebble
* Revd. Marjorie Rangi
* Pastor Lance Rickard
* Keith Scholes
* Colin & Grace Shaw
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* Pacific Coast Highway Guide
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* Wairoa Museum