Day of Blessing for Te Awamutu and District

. . . by Bob Sinclair

For the last 9 years we have held a Day of Blessing for Te Awamutu and District.

Again, this April 15 we as a community gathered to bless ‘our city’ and acknowledge that it is the Lord who provides every good thing. The day itself starts at 6am. A small group meet for a time of thanksgiving and prayer before going to Fonterra Dairy at their invitation.

Anointing the fleet 6 30am 600

Anointing the “Fleet” 6.30am

At 6:30, as we have done for several years, we ‘don’ health and safety gear and anoint the 60 or 70 tankers. We ask for continued safety for the drivers and ultimately that they would know the Lord. Interestingly, our local site has the best accident free record of any site in NZ. One of the managers attributed that, at least in part, to The Blessing.

Then from 12 to 12.30, a complimentary subway lunch for all at the Rugby Clubrooms. A great time for networking. (We also did a BBQ brekky for the first time in the car park outside the Rugby Clubrooms. 25 turned up with a bigger number being pre-believers. Some great ‘one on one’ conversations were had. 5 police and 2 fire service guys came as well.)

Billy speaking 600

Billy speaking at the brekky. First time for us. Very successful. in as much as there was more interaction “one on one”. We are constantly asking the Lord for new strategies.

Congregation Te Awamutu 600

Lunchtime event. This has been the mainstay for the last 9 years. 

12.30. We began with the National Anthem, then our guest speaker, Billy Graham, ex welter-weight champion spoke to all at the lunch, the Christian and pre-Christians. Billy also spoke to 500 senior students at our high school, 2 intermediate schools and one Christian school. We always get our guest speakers into the school assemblies as part of The Blessing. Speakers in the past have included, Eroni Clark, David Tua and Andrew Stroud (Motor cycle champion) We always invite high-profile Christian people to speak.

Fr Jo Stack 600

Lunch time event : Father Joe from the Catholic Church declaring blessing for Family/whanau and care givers

12.45. Seven of our local ministers and pastors representing; Anglican, AOG, Baptist, Brethren, Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Independent Pentecostal prayed and declared a blessing for the following groups: Education, Business, Government (local and central), Family/Whanau, Arts, Media, Sport, Church, volunteers of service groups. The Blessing is roughly based on the 7 mountains or spheres of influence in a community as taught by YWAM founder Loren Cunningham. It is attractive, punchy, and powerful. 4 or 5 of our local schools usually send a teacher and 5 students each to our lunchtime event.

Pastor Brad and 2 students 600

Lunch time event : Ps Brad from the Bible Chapel and 2 students from the Christian School declaring blessing for the Education sector

A couple of days before this year’s ‘Day’ we had a phone call from The Breeze, a well-known station in Hamilton. They had seen the event advertised and were coming to Te Awamutu on that day. Could they interview Billy on live radio? We also had the opportunity to speak about ‘The Day’ and declare a blessing over the airways for our region.

Billy and Editor 600

Lunchtime event Billy speaking with the local newspaper editor (The local rag always gives us great coverage, before and after the event)

Pastor Simon and helper 600

Lunch time event : Ps Simon from the Baptist Church and their Community Worker declaring blessing for Media, Arts and Sports

Promotion is an important part of our preparation. The enemy may have positioned himself as the prince of the power of the air, but we simply believe the cross trumps that and anything else the enemy may try. We are big on social media, local newspaper, event finder type advertising, Christian radio, and top-quality flyers for church members to use with friends and family. Churches are encouraged to be thinking and praying weeks out from the event.

The funding for The Day of Blessing comes from each church through our local Minister’s Association. It costs around $2,500 for each year. We know there’s much more. God is a God of the much more, right?. As a committee of 8 we are brainstorming and praying for strategies for 2022 Our committee has a vison to see the event extend beyond our region.

To read more about how the Day of Blessing originated 60 or so years ago when a fishing fleet was in trouble in Destin Florida, feel free to go to

Please don’t hesitate to ring me if you would like to talk and pray about your city having a Day of Blessing. Bob Sinclair 0274597296

Bob Sinclair 125 Bob Sinclair

Mini 400 Bob Sinclair

We call this the “Day of Blessing Mini”. Its parked around town in the days running up to the event. Again, just to bring a profile to the event.