by: Grant Bateson

‘Pastor and facilitator/ leader of Kiatahi - Whakatane Pastors Group’.

Wow what a crazy season eh!!!

It was so cool to be with everyone at the Tauranga City by City day. Huge thanks to City by City, Abundant Life and others who led and made it such an impacting time.

It was great to come together to be able to encourage, spur one another on to love and good deeds, to hear from God through one another. It was cool to hear of the great things God is doing in our region in the areas of unity, collaboration, healing and restoration in the midst of great challenge.

In our Whakatane and Eastern Bay of Plenty area we are seeing multiple Iwi form an alliance, combined prayer is happening once a month with a diverse group and there is some real cool relationships building with leaders who have a heart to work together for Kingdom purpose. I heard that that is happening in other towns in the region as well. Thank you Jesus and well done everyone!!!

Whakatane Churches praying Gods blessing on Kohi Point

Whakatane Churches represented here each month praying God's blessing over our town and surrounds up on Kohi Point

It seemed significant and symbolic that on September 3 we were in the new Abundant Life Church for the first time on the back of their 40 year journey where the promise to them of a new building was now being realised.

On the way to Tauranga God dropped a word into my heart around the thought of faithfulness to fruitfulness, which I shared with Mike Cullen of Abundant Life, and he asked me to share with the group. Below are a few thoughts I feel God has given me around that word. I pray they will encourage you on your journey in this season.

There’s a real sense that we are in a new season and a new era. That we are in a ‘baton change’ season which has both great challenge and also great opportunity. Just as it was when God called Joshua and declared “Moses my servant is dead, now therefore arise and go over this Jordan ..” Now is the time to enter into the new season that God has been preparing us for. God had shown his mighty hand and great love to deliver his people out of slavery. He provided, trained and pruned in the wilderness to prepare them to inherit all that he had promised.

I believe He would say to many of you ‘thank you for your faithfulness over the long haul. Greater fruitfulness is coming.
What’s felt like punishment or a long wilderness time has actually been preparation for promotion’.

Like Joshua, God has been getting us ready for new assignments and for greater influence than ever before. What the enemy planned for evil, He will use for good and many will be saved.

I believe God is saying, ‘I am doing a new thing do you perceive it? It has already begun. It’s a co-labouring season. Christ in us the hope of glory. Gods favour and faithfulness along with your faithfulness has prepared you for a season of fruitfulness. It’s been that season of preparation for promotion.’

Just as it was in Joshua and Caleb’s day. Men and women of a different spirit are rising up and God is releasing a new, ‘now’ generation. There is a divine alignment coming where great love, honour and order will be a key. It will be complementary. Not competing but completing one another, all FOR HIS GLORY.

The thing you saw from afar will be taken hold of in this season. Let’s get ready, prepare our hearts and step into all he has prepared. It’s going to be new and look different. Perceive it and embrace it. It’s inheritance season.

Be encouraged and be blessed!

Grant Bateson Pastor and facilitator leader of Kiatahi pastors group  Grant Bateson

(‘Pastor and facilitator/ leader of Kiatahi - Whakatane Pastors Group’.)